A New Demo Single: The Lucky Kind

Oct 15, 2018

We put the slow in slow light.

After a 3 year gap, we've remembered to jump through the hoops to release another song. As with previous Slow Light tracks, this should be listened to with headphones or earbuds, because that's how it was mixed. And it's a demo, meaning (spoiler and/or trigger warning) sequenced BFD drums, one person playing all the instruments, though not simultaneously, and the placeholder singer singing.

Watch for The Lucky Kind on October 21 2018 at Spotify, itunes/apple, and everywhere else our excellent distribution service Distrokid has sent it.

No Signs Slow Light Slow Drip Will Slow

Jul 08, 2015

Slow Light continues to release one demo song a month, in a stealth campaign that is proving to be stealthier than one ever dreamed possible. The slow drip will continue until either a) money and musicians for proper recordings are manifested into being or b) we run out of songs or c) we forget.

Slow Light Spotted on Spotify

May 05, 2015

Groove Spacing Music has decided that Slow Light songs, available as free streams here, there, and elsewhere, are not free enough, and has begun making them even more free by adding them to Spotify. True.

The Spotify Slow Light page.