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Slow Light

Slow Light was named in 2012, but is much older as a stream of music.
I tried to give up music in the late 90s. It was time to put away childish things. (Because I had a child.) But the music kept coming, songs bursting full born into my head. I picked up the guitar again, a 1973 Telecaster Custom, the only guitar I've played since age 17. And the bass. And the first synth (a Korg Delta). And wow synths rule so of course an Oberheim OB-8. And after decades as a Tele purist I held a Strat that immediately owned me; you'll hear it on solos in some songs. Gradually I admitted I loved these childish things. Though most of them ended up being sold.
But carrying dozens of songs in my head produced anxiety, so I decided to start recording them. Just rough demos... famous last words in the era of infinite digital tracks. In 2012 I rigged up a tiny bedroom studio and went to work. I never meant to be the "singer" of these songs: like I said, they were (and are) just demos, intended for an audience of the 2 or 3 musicians I hoped to entice into a quick studio project.
Who knows if studio versions of these songs will ever be made?